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4 Funny Ways to Use Your Pet’s Superficial Abilities

We all know that dogs and cats have sense organs that differ from the human ones. Their nose catches much more smells and their ears are tuned for a wider range of soundwaves. Moreover, they do see ultraviolet rays and feel the magnetic field of Earth.

Inspired by these superficial abilities, we invented five funny jobs for our pets. Just enjoy and do not take it too serious!

  1. Compass – our pets sense the magnetic field of Earth

Every dog owner knows that poop dance which our furry friends perform every time we go  for a walk. According to a research paper published in the journal Frontiers in Zoology, dogs “preferred to excrete with the body being aligned along the North-south axis under calm MF (magnetic field) conditions.”

So if you and your dog got lost in the woods, your GPS doesn’t catch the signal and you forgot to take your compass with you – just watch your dog’s position while he’s doing his business!

However, don’t be sure this poo-as-compass is always accurate. When the Earth’s magnetic field is not calm, your pet may be quite confused and make a mistake in alignment of his body to it.

  1. Dirt detector – dogs see pees residues, hair and lint

Well, this is about the UV-vision of your pet. When you see your dog pays much attention to a certain spot on the floor – just make sure you cleaned it properly!

  1. Counterfeit money inspector – their eyes are best UV scanner

Thanks to UV-rays detector in the eyes of your dog, he would be great in spotting money without security features. But unfortunately, he has no idea what to look for and does not even understand what money is. He thinks treats just grow in some secret place which only you can find.

  1. Fine arts expert – your pet sees every layer of a painting

Layers on paintings, including mistakes and changes, are on the UV wave length, that is why dogs can see them, too. So if you’re planning to buy some masterpiece at a flea market, just take your dog with you to help you spot a real one! 🙂

Hope you found out something new from this joke article. Have fun and encourage your pets to make new discoveries!

Image source: meganmurrayphotography.com

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